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Trivia Time

Time to talk about San Pedro.

Besides the hot dogs, I had a little game for my friends to enjoy. They had to answer questions like “How many miles did I walk?” and “How many Virgin Mary Statues did I find on my walks?”. I have since lost the answers, I’ll have to figure it out again. Mark was my resident trivia guy during my tenure on the streets so its fitting that I captured him taking a crack at the questions. Of 5 questions I had two double winners, Skipper Jeff and Steve H. below.


Mr. Rukavina brought a picture to show me of him and his daughter Andrea at Cabrillo Beach when she was a toddler…all I can say is that I stumbled over my words trying to find a respectful way to tell him that he was a hottie.

Cydia Themes & its Purpose

Are you the one who gets blamed of buying an iPhone just because of its looks as it does not offer any customizable themes? Are you one of the people who thinks that your friend’s android based smartphone is more fun to use than your iPhone? In that case, you are unaware of one of the most interesting way to make your iPhone more interactive and fun to use. Cydia is one on the most imperative aspect of iPhone, which not only competes with the android’s culmination ability, but also gives an entire new look to the iPhone.

First things first. If you are unable to find anything about Cydia themes then feel free to visit to get your hands on some of the most popular and exciting themes ever built for Phone users. The database is full of various Cydia themes and instructions to install Cydia and these themes on you iPhone. The basic purpose of these Cydia themes is to provide you iPhone an entire new look with new icons and animations. So yes, you can say that an iPhone user can claim the fact that his smartphone has all the capabilities of transforming the user interface into anything he wants.

Usually, these themes are kept in some specific repositories named after the developers or some companies. For example, ModMyi Repo is one of the most popular and acknowledged repository having hundreds of different themes. The plus point of this repository is that it does not only changes the icons and background, but also brings a whole new set of animations to you iPhone as well.

BigBoss is another well-known repository presented to the iPhone users through Cydia; this repository has its specialthemes to offer. The purpose to discuss this thing is to let the readers know that they can try these different repositories to change the overall look of your iPhone. You can find hundreds of depositories having thousands of themes for your iPhone. For example, this article is saying about WinterBoard themes for Cydia.

If you want me to recommend some themes for the iPhone then clarity, elite7 and oil7 are few of the most amazing yet innovative themes to try on any iPhone having iOS version 6 or above. The crux of the story is that there are various causes to like the exciting adventures of Cydia and the purpose of its themes. So, if you think that your iPhone is getting unexciting due to limited customization options then you should rethink about It after getting Cydia, and these themes installed on you iPhone.

What are parabens

Cosmetic reviews such as Vine Vera reviews focus on a variety of beneficial skin care ingredients, and at the same time they need to offer information about controversial ingredients, too. Using a product with natural extracts and innovative ingredients is not that beneficial when it also contains potentially harmful substances. A big scarecrow on any cosmetic product is represented by parabens, and we all know that they are dangerous, but at the same time we have little idea what these substances are and what their effect is. Why are parabens used in cosmetics, after all, and are they harmful?
mc0eeM9isfFkjGRQt0dp_NA.jpg (225×169)

Parabens mainly exist because people prefer cosmetics with a stable formula and a long shelf life. They acts as preservatives and they are found in a variety of products: cosmetics, toiletries, textiles, glues, foods and so on. They inhibit bacteria growth and prevent some of your favorite skin care products from spoiling.

Some of the most common parabens are methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben and propylparaben. It is estimated that about 75% of beauty and health products on the market contain paraben. At the same time, there are more and more products which openly state that they are paraben-free, and these products are preferred by the health-conscious.

The main problem with these substances is that they mimic estrogen in the body, and some studies have linked them to breast cancer and reproductive issues. On the other hand, studies have not proved certainly that parabens do cause tumors, while other experts claim that they have cumulative effects and negative consequences appear after years of use.

The paraben dilemma is far from being solved; it is up to each and every one of us to use or not products which contain parabens, after reading resources about cosmetic products, suchas Vine Vera reviews. Paraben-free products may be safer, but this doesn’t mean that all their ingredients are healthy or that they don’t use other preservatives, also potentially dangerous.

Either way, finding out more about ingredients used in cosmetics by consulting resources like Vine Vera reviews is beneficial to everyone concerned about their health and how they can protect it while using skin care.

Portable Generators: powering our life

A portable generator is a machine which use diesel, gas, water, hydrogen, propane to generate electrical power temporarily. A generator is basically combination of engine and electrical generator combined together to form a single machine. These generators are available today in three different sizes small, mid and large. Portable generators require external power conditioners to operate few electronic parts safely that are present inside.


The small ones are also known as hand portable units. This type of generator has capability to supply hundred watts of power. Irrespective of the size of generators they can run on any kind of fuel (gasoline, water, diesel, hydrogen, etc). But small generators mostly use gasoline that is petrol as fuel for engine. An inverter is used by these small portable generators. The invertors run at slow RPM to generate necessary power that is required.


The mid size generators are used to produce about 415 V around at 110 A. This type of generator is powered by 6.7litre turbocharged engine and uses approximately 27litre of fuel an hour. It mostly uses diesel to operate. In many countries it can run using red diesel. These engines can produce about 3 to 4 kilowatt of electrical power at its peak consuming a liter of diesel.


The large size generators: These produce enough energy to power anything. It can power a business to a hospital of full sized. These types of generators are usually used to provide back up power for companies which are facing economic costs problem related to shut down. This problem is caused due to unplanned power outage. For example a hospital constantly needs electricity because many life saving medical machines need electricity to run like a ventilator.

Many portable generators are available in market today. The starting range of these generators in market is from a few thousands and can go up to lakhs.

Couples Therapy- Effective Method to Regain Trust

All those who have not heard about Couples therapy must get an insight into it now. It is a fact that every relationship or a married couple faces some or the other issues. Sometimes, these issues are minor and within control but they become a reason for separation also at times. To avoid this situation of separation, Dr. Thomas has invented Couples therapy. She is a licensed psychologist and uses this therapy for the couples who are struggling with their relationship. The doctor believes that the key to a successful relationship is understanding, communication and trust. This is what exactly she teaches the partners during the counseling sessions. She calls the partners individually to make them understand the real essence of relationship and consequences of a separation. She guides them on how to communicate with the spouse in a better manner and understand his/her feelings. Till date, she has saved hundreds of relationships with her counseling and expert counseling.

About marriage counseling

Dr. Thomas has achieved expertise in guiding couples to maintain their relationship and start it with a new beginning. There are many couples who seek couples therapy Los Angeles at the times when there is lack of understanding and love between each other. The doctor aims at making the foundation of love stronger and develops trust in both the partners. She also renders consultation on phone without charging anything and also deal with family counseling. If at all, you require counseling for your adult children, you can approach her without any delays. She is available at flexible hours and accepts most insurance. With the implementation of right tools and therapy methods, it is sure that Dr. Thomas will revive your relationship and will give you a new life. In case of any issues in your married life, consult her at the soonest.

Choose a good microwave oven

Microwave ovens are the trusted kitchen helpers of the modern day chefs in hotels and restaurants and also homemakers. In the late 1950s, the first microwave oven was built which was taller than a standard door and very expensive. As the technology was made better, microwave ovens were developed which consumed lesser energy than the older models and were less expensive. The size of the ovens was made smaller and more compact to fit on the kitchen counter.


These microwaves on sale are available in many sizes and have varying features for every cooking style. To optimize the space in the kitchen, they come in wall mounted models which are mounted in the wooden cabinet on the wall. Or, they may be the countertop models which can be placed on a kitchen table or the counter.


The smaller sized microwaves are mainly used for reheating frozen readymade food or leftovers from the previous meal. They consume the least energy. As the capacity and size of the best microwave increases, its energy consumption also increases. The medium sized microwaves are faster at cooking and can accommodate larger containers. The large sized microwave ovens have temperature controls and many built in recipes and programsaccording to the weight of the food being cooked. The microwaves on sale are programmed to cook complete meals. Some large sized microwaves offer the browning of food as in conventional ovens. Also, there is the facility of rotisserie in the high end models of the best microwaves.


You should keep your budget in mind when you decide to buy a microwave oven. Since it is an electronic item, it is wiser to buy it from a trusted company so that you can be sure that it will be safe to use and also give you value for your money. It is very important that you buy a microwave oven which is suited to your cooking requirements. If you do not entertain much and need to reheat frozen food occasionally, it makes sense to buy a smaller oven.

Concealed Way Of Wining Call Of Duty With Cheat, Possible

What’s the secret to continued fame in the gaming world? Have you ever thought of such a situation indeed? Did you know that these days cheats are available to people to all over the world for any sort of game, be it EA Sports’ products or anything? These are important questions as of now here in this gaming article. On the Internet, when you are playing with so many people all across the world, you are mostly likely to get defeated if you do not keep up with their developed skills and most often they do not actually posses those skills but in fact they have either stolen or cheated to their way be atop, we reckon. Now or never, and enough is enough, you have to everything that needs to be done in an attempt to become fairly popular at any game you play. Let us consider here one called Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 Download. This, as you probably know that, it is very latest part of the Call of Duty and now it is trending worldwide and the number of people who are working or playing on this are just many or you cannot even count in a way.

call_of_duty__black_ops_icon_by_rich246-d3h6yw3.png (256×256)                What we want is, here, to preserve the name and fame and that does take some time and efforts. You should not be afford to be excited and show off that thing when your are wining since your fellow players might smell you have something that is illegitimate and that would ruin the entire party we can say, in one way or another indeed. So, how do you keep this downloaded cheat, in the dark at the time of using, too? You have to be patient for this and just keep mum whenever you are asked to reveal your secret or have to fake that you worked hard for this.

Get Your Deposit Back After Your Tenancy In London

Cleaning is a major business because the assets that are required to be rooted out from the dirt, dust and stain can be incredibly costly, what you think about that? Yes, should your answers particularly when you are talking about the cleaning services here in London, as it is one of best cities in terms of high quality and cost of living is concerned. There are two things that we are talking about here and those are Get your deposit back after your tenancy and the risk involved in the cleaning. People need to know that this is not an easy-peasy task as there are a lot of dicey decisions to be used and just in case anything goes wrong, well, fees will be paid not by the person who is getting the house or abode cleaned up but by the service provider only, how bad is that, huh?
Cleaning-Service-Austin-TX.jpg (400×374)

There have been a lot of such cases all over the world and we have too many examples, for example there are at least a couple of thousands small and big cases both registered and unregistered ones here in the United Kingdom itself. It is an interesting part to read or come across, Get your deposit back after your tenancy. Yes, it does make us laugh as well, just the way you are feeling right now. We mean, how on earth can a company expect to say, “Get your deposit back after your tenancy” when it does not do its job properly? Of course, it becomes a hilarious thing and you would not like to see that happen as well even if you are going to receive something from the provider itself, we mean who does expect that? Well, that is one thing feel nobody else have tried to come up so far on this topic, so we tried our best to let you know about that. Stay tuned for more.

How safe customisable car seats exactly are!

The customisable car seats are one of the most highly availed products in the recent time, as these offer high security as well as comfort to the children while they are travelling. As a result, many questions regarding the effectiveness of these car seats might have arisen in your mind. Speaking frankly these are one of the most amazing products which have been launched for the safety of children, when they are to travel in cars. Thus, if you have been apprehensive thinking how safe these car seats actually are, then worry no more for these are absolutely safe, successfully fulfils all you expect from such products and thus, has been able to yield, numerous satisfied clients. So, if you too want to get such safety for your child then make sure you choose the best from among the top 10 car seats only, for desirable results.


To help children feel more comfortable while they are travelling, the car seat designers have created numerous different types of such products to match the requirements children of different age group are in need of. Therefore, there are infant car seats, the convertible car seats, as well as the booster car seats. Each of these features different safety gears, as needed by the children of the respective age groups. So whenever you have to choose a car seat make sure you select it in accordance to the requirements of your child, to be positively benefitted. It is also recommended that you should always consider buying car seats from the top 10 car seats, as these are the best and has been ranked in accordance to the reviews provided by customers who have previously availed these. And once you fit the correct car seat, be sure of your child’s safety, as these are designed very carefully keeping in mind only children and their safe being!

How to eliminate dark spots?

The dark spots over the face usually occur due to several external factors as well as internal factors. Though you may find several ways with which you can get rid of those unwanted spots it will take some months depending on the process which has been followed and you may need to spend huge amount for such processes. Hence it is always better to read dark spot corrector review that would help you in knowing about the products. If you have dark spots on your face then it is always better to know how to get rid of these spots before it’s too late. These dark spots make you look twice your age. Before the dark spots multiply in number with your age it is always better to erase these spots when they are less in number.

With the growing competition and demand you can now find number of dark spot removing products online as well as in the local market. It would be very difficult for you to choose a reliable product from this huge list. Hence it is always better to know which product would suit your skin type and then buy them. You can now read dark spot corrector review at the relevant website. This will help you in knowing about the products and how they can help you in getting rid of dark spots. To know more about the various products available make sure to visit the relevant website of dark spot corrector guide. What more are you looking for? Visit their website and get the product of your choice and get rid of those dark spots as soon as possible. Heal your skin and remove these dark spots and get a glowing skin with the help of these best dark spot removing products.

Sun Proof Computers For Black Friday For All Outdoors Matters

Computers have evolved quite well and that is evident when we look at the computing devices such desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones any other tools? Yes, some are in the pipeline. A laptop is not a desktop, and we hope you entirely agree with this and if you anything that does not make you induced, you can always email us back but there is no way, we think you are going to email us with that in your minds but you will just love to send emails on this matter with a lot of praises. Let us get our attention drifted to the main thing and that is You are going to take your laptops outside and that is just necessary or else you might have to lose something that is precious and you cannot or do not want to lose them. Keeping this in our minds, the time has finally arrived to buy those laptops that can help us in cases when the Sun is out and his rays are just not letting us pay attention to our works and the screen is getting all the shiny stuff that it is not demanding at all.

resized_dell_studio_17_laptop.jpg (300×300)
There will be a lot of computer up for sales in the online and offline worlds, and that means you have be choosing that all other computers have been failing to tackle the problem of Sun rays on your screen and yes you can easily, find the one you are looking for in any of the black friday 2014 laptop deals. The cost is a concerning part here but it should be taken care by with some extra bucks and that will be worth paying as well and you will also enjoy as well later and you can finish off your PPT in the Sun irrespective if he is shining more or less as you will be equipped with Sun proof from black friday 2014 laptop deals.