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Trivia Time

Time to talk about San Pedro.

Besides the hot dogs, I had a little game for my friends to enjoy. They had to answer questions like “How many miles did I walk?” and “How many Virgin Mary Statues did I find on my walks?”. I have since lost the answers, I’ll have to figure it out again. Mark was my resident trivia guy during my tenure on the streets so its fitting that I captured him taking a crack at the questions. Of 5 questions I had two double winners, Skipper Jeff and Steve H. below.


Mr. Rukavina brought a picture to show me of him and his daughter Andrea at Cabrillo Beach when she was a toddler…all I can say is that I stumbled over my words trying to find a respectful way to tell him that he was a hottie.

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Happy birthday poems- brighten that special day with a personal touch

Everyone has the right to have a special birthday


Giving a personal touch on a special occasion makes everyone get closer to you. Who doesn’t want to make their most waited day a happier one? In fact everyone wants their birthday to make it a best one. Those who are residing with their family and friends are able to make this day a happy one. But what about those who stay far away from their family and friends and are in no way able to celebrate their birthday? Don’t they have the right to celebrate this day just because they have to stay outside either for educational purposes or employment?


Give a personal touch to them those who are staying far away from us on their birthday


If you really want to surprise someone on their birthday, especially to those who stay far away from us, here is a new way to greet them on this special day- Greetings by a happy birthday poems Yes, funny poems will not only make them smile but also make them feel special and happy too. So why not try this out this year itself?


Brighten this birthday with a personal touch- Happy birthday poems available online


There are numerous poems just made for the auspicious day- ones’ birthday. It is believed that birthday is one of the days which should be spent in a happy go lucky style. Everyone’s wishes should be welcomed heartily and we too should wish the others in the same way. Happy birthday poems can be searched on the social media itself, in fact they are readily available on the websites and all of them are really heart touching. Many of them are too funny while rest of them are emotional too, in other words heart touching. One may send them as a message or as an e-mail.

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Vault Sport’s Relevance On How To Increase Vertical Jump

After our series of studies we have agreed to say that, vault is one sport where need to study more and provide a lot more information to all the people of this planet who are genuinely bothered of how to increase vertical jump and in their defense, we want to talk about something and let them very much aware of the basics that are not at all known to the general public in this world, to a huge degree and that is just staggering undeniably. Generally speaking, if you are of those fortunate people who have watched how vault is played, you are lucky but just in case you are not, well, we respectfully request you to take a look at it and resume the reading or so because a few distinct videos are what going help us to induce you successfully on one key matter and that is none other than the fact, that there is no strong relation that if you are going to play vault you are going to have a lot of increased height after career or so.
comp01_vertjump.jpg (285×541)
When you take a look at many videos, you are prone to find some short female and or male players sprinting with the vault pole and trying to jump over in a manner required. So, if you think you can manage to fund yourself and practice that thing, and answer how to increase vertical jump, well, you are just dead wrong there. Besides, being a costly thing for an individual, it is not a recommended as well to how to increase vertical jump. First of all, only rich people afford this and nobody else and the returns are not at all guaranteed as well, believe it or not. But there is some relevance of this sport on the overall height and so on but not applicable to all, we would say in the end.